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Marketing vs Branding


Branding is your business identity. It's the style exclusive to your business that is catching, consistent and cohesive.

When it comes to branding, all you have to do is think about famous retailers or products and how easy it is to identify them.

Why is that? Because they have presented a vision that is unique and noticeable. This is what you need for your business.

Logos, business cards, web design, product packaging, banners -- these are all essential tools to identify your business.


Marketing is the promotion of your business. It puts your name out there, catches your ideal audience and delivers to others what you can offer them. Have a sale going on?

Services Offered:

Logos, digital, web design, flyers, packaging designs, product design, t-shirt/ clothing designs, social media cover-banners, internet graphics, book & mix-tape covers and other designs. 







  • Strategy

  • Naming

  • Research 

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Story

  • Brand Architecture

  • Brand Message

  • Brand Personality 


  • Logo 

  • Design 

  • Visual Identity

  • Brand Style Guides 

  • Print and Packaging 

  • Retail & POS 

  • Un-boxing 

  • Iconography


  • Digital 

  • Website Design 

  • Website Development 

  • Web Apps 

  • E-Commerce

  • UI/UX User Interface/ User Experience 

  • CMS- Content Management System

  • Story Boards


  • Production 

  • Art Direction

  • Copy-writing 

  • Photography 

  • Video 

  • Illustration 

  • Animation

  • Motion Graphics


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