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E-Flyers designs are typically used for social media advertisements and are usually posted on Facebook and Instagram. 

If you are looking to have this flyer printed out, please notify me ahead of time because if not, there will be a $15 charge to resize it and send it as the files needed for print.


RUSH FEE APPLIES TO 1 FLYER DESIGN. If you rush a flyer for multiple flyers it is a rush fee for each flyer so let me know so I can invoice you per flyer that is rushed. 


Please complete the flyer design form

Please do not send me dollar amounts like 125$, please provide all dollars amounts in the appropriate format $125

If you need printing please email or contact us for a quote after the design is complete


  • By submitting this order, you are entering into a contract with LevelHer Inc, you‘re aware, have acknowledged and agreed to our terms and cancellation policy. Any attempts to chargeback or dispute will be challenged by providing this signed contract (order completed). 
    Our terms of services policy state THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON ANY DESIGN SERVICES. 
    LevelHer Inc aims to please our clients and will provide two concepts (logo) to choose from based on your likings. However, If you’re not satisfied with your logo, there will be NO REFUND ISSUED.  Please understand after 2 revisions there will be a fee per revision request.

     If you want revisions or changes after delivery: 
    Note that after you've agreed or approved and final logo was delivered. You'll be charged a new logo fee, $30 or more to revise the logo depending on the details of your request.

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